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The Dream House

The One

Ever thought of having your own house? How would it look? Is it the ones with the high ceiling, crystal chandelier, and tall spiral wooden stairs? Or will it be that simple white-walled loft with huge glass windows and minimalist vibe? We have our preferences, some of us might prefer the classic house with the tall grandfather clock while some of us will choose the one with the voice-activated electronics. However you like it, it is still THAT DREAM HOUSE that you will work hard for.

The Head Turnerhouse

It is that house around the block that will always have your eyes. Whether you’re walking your dog or taking a stroll on your bike, you’ll always end up stopping and staring at the beauty of it. It’s like that first love that you’ve had back in high school, she will always be the prettiest and most adorable person, and other people’s opinion will end up in the trash because you see something special about her and no one can ever change that.

You always wanted to see more of it, hoping someday that the grumpy old lady who takes care of that house would be kind enough just to let you have a peek of what is inside.

The Best Environment

You could have a choice on whether you will stay in the city or the suburban, mountainside or seaside, the one with the nightlife or the one where you will see all the starlight possible.

Have that pet peeve of having a noisy neighbor? That dog that always leaves golden treasures on your lawn, triggering huh?

The Roots

Either you are in love with the beautiful city lights of New York City or the moonlight over West Chester, there’s no doubt that our roots will always affect how we choose where to stay. Yes, maybe, for now, you might need to remain in the urban areas to keep that job you need, but deep inside you, you’ll always want to go back to that peaceful neighborhood where you’ll have no worries in case you leave your house unlocked.

The Finale

Maybe now you would have no choice but to keep that lousy, noisy and rat-infested apartment, but someday, the key to that house that you’ve always wanted will be in your hand. And remember, as long as you’ve got a people you may call family, a house will always turn into a home.…